Historical Overview

patrick-henryGood News Jail & Prison Ministry Chaplain, Ray Macy began the ministry at Martinsville and Henry County in 1980. Rev. Earl Ombsy later assumed the position of Chaplain for less than one year.

In 1983, Good News Assistant Chaplain, Richard Morris moved from Danville/Pittsylvania to become the Chaplain for Martinsville and Henry County.

In April 1987, Rev. Joe Carter became the Assistant Chaplain, and as more women were housed in the area, Pastor Della Carter joined Good News Jail & Prison Ministry as Chaplain to women in April 1991. In 1988, at the request of inmates who were leaving the local jails, the ministry expanded to include Patrick Henry Correctional Unit #28.

In 1995, Chaplain Della Carter suffered a stroke, and was no longer able to function as the Chaplain to women. In December 1999, Senior Chaplain, Richard Morris resigned to become the pastor of a local church in Danville, VA. In April 2000, Jim Robinson was hired by Good News Jail & Prison Ministry to fill the position of Senior Chaplain in Martinsville and Henry County. Having served more than three years, Jim Robinson resigned as Senior Chaplain in July 2004.

Rev. Joe Carter became the Chaplain for the jurisdiction in August 2004. Chaplain Kerry Kelley served in the jurisdiction from August 2010 to November 2010 as interim chaplain while Chaplain Carter was on leave of absence. Chaplain Carter retired December 31, 2013.

Chaplain John Quinlan joined Good News June 16, 2014 as the chaplain for the Martinsville/Henry County jurisdiction.